YuLong Basalt fiber roving

Available diameter:7μm,9μm,13μm;
Winding Method:External winding or internal winding

Product Description:

Yulong Continuous Basalt Roving consists of a bundle of parallel strands without twisting. The packaging of the bobbin includes inner pull and outer pull. The tensile strength of the roving 6-13μm is 0.6N/Tex, the elastic modulus is 91GPa, and the elongation at break is 3.1%. Compared with PPTA and UHMWPE, Yulong basalt fiber not only has high strength, high modulus and inherent tensile, compressive, strength and fatigue resistance, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and light resistance. Especially the surface bonded with resin has better bond strength.

Yulong continuous basalt roving is a product made from natural basalt rock that is melted and extruded into continuous fibers. It is a safe and environmentally friendly material that has many advantages over other fibers, such as:

– Higher tensile strength compared to glass and PP fibers

– Lower cost than carbon fiber

– Low hygroscopicity

– Excellent temperature resistance

Yulong continuous basalt roving can be used for various applications that require high strength, durability and corrosion resistance, such as:

– Filament winding of pipes, tanks and cylinders that can withstand high temperature, ultra-low temperature, chemical corrosion and high pressure. Continuous basalt rovings of 4800tex and 2400tex are preferred for this application.

– Mixing with carbon fiber for filament winding of LPG and natural gas tanks.

– Making various woven rovings, mesh fabrics and geotextiles. Continuous basalt rovings of 1200tex and 2400tex are preferred for this application. They can be used reliably at temperatures from -260 to 650°F and have stable handling properties.

– Making heat-resistant SMC, BMC and DMC with chopped fibers.

– Repairing and strengthening infrastructure with basalt fiber reinforced plastic.

– Making heat shields for tank guns, turrets and other parts.

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If you are interested in learning more about continuous basalt roving and how it can benefit your project, please contact Hubei Yulong Group Jinli New Materials Co., Ltd. today. We are happy to provide you with a free quote and a sample. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and services.

We are manufacturer of fiberglass, basalt fiber for more than 10 years, delivery time is 10 days for 20″ container.

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